Hello! You must be here because you’re a cat lover too! My name is Moochie and I absolutely adore kitties. I am a crafty DIY kind of gal – one day I am making headboards, the next: plush toys, baby blankets, or personalized necklaces. I enjoy cosplaying for Halloween and for cons and construct my own costumes from scratch.

I used to pick up stray kitties as a child. Now as an adult living in a much smaller space, I no longer get to rescue cats from the streets. My incessant fondness for felines, however, lead me to bulk buying of cat things from around the world.

I have a very simplistic aesthetic for my shop and call my work Kitiwiti Krafts. Some goods are imported but affordably priced. I post different kitty themed items from time to time. If you like, please share and disseminate to fellow cat lovers!

Thank you for visiting! Come back soon!

Moochie aka kitiwiti