Christmas is coming!

Holy Moly! Did anyone see it coming? I didn’t, and I, along with everyone, am scrambling to finish my Christmas list! I know I just need to sit down and make a list for the people I want to give gifts to this year, to make sure everyone got what they wanted.

I usually make a list as early as the summer, just taking note of little things that my siblings or extended family need throughout the year. And my list is *actually a spreadsheet that I’ve been maintaining for over 5 years now.* WHY? Because you don’t want to repeat any gifts! I once got a gift that my sister recycled that was given to her by our aunt. Another time, our grandma received a gift that she gave my sister the year before. No one ever told her that we found out. I would be mortified if that happened to me.

Anyway, it really goes a long way when you put a lot of thought into gift giving. I think even putting a lot of effort into gift wrapping, putting ribbons and extra bells and whistles will warm their heart.

Have you ever heard of the superstition/custom of putting money whenever you gift a wallet to someone? It’s supposed to be good luck and will ensure that the recipient will never run out of money while using that wallet. Even a dollar or a penny works! It seems extra but, hey, if it works, great. If it’s a younger person, a short note or explanation of the superstition would be cool, too. Hey, it’s a teaching moment!

Lastly, when you give a gift, any gift… make sure it is something that you would want to receive, in terms of presentation or the actual gift itself. If the recipient never gets their gift, at least you can keep it for yourself.

Happy Holidays!